I've been knitting socks since October 2011.  I first learned to knit as a child.  My sister was given a Pink Panther knitting kit, and I always wanted to do everything that she did, so naturally, I wanted to knit a Pink Panther too!

Sadly, there was only enough yarn in the kit for one, and she was busy using the only needles.  My mum dug around in her knitting bag, and gave me the only yarn and needles she could find.  Great big needles, and very fine yarn, that was not exactly pink.  It was dark green!

Undeterred, I set about knitting my very own dark green Pink Panther.

I still have him to this day, and although he's more of a string vest than a cuddly toy, I remain very proud of him.

The Joy of Socks

There's something about the structure of a sock that appeals to the way my brain is wired.  I love the different sections, and the clever way it follows the contours of the most complicated body part that it is possible to knit clothes for.

I also love the limitations that designing patterns for socks impose on me.  I find them a challenge, and challenges are always something I've faced with aplomb.  It's the same stubbornness that made me knit a dark green Pink Panther all those years ago!

When I'm not knitting and putting together ideas for new patterns, I'm an actor, working in the world of Musical Theatre.

I love it.  It's my passion, and singing is a very big part of my life.  My other life...  Find out more about that side of me here.