Sep 29, 2020

Triple Jack HatI am delighted to be able to share the news that the Triple Jack pattern is now available on my Ravelry store

This eye-catching and iconic design uses just a few judiciously spaced crown decreases to turn an ordinary striped hat into something very special indeed: the Union Jack flag appears in all its geometric glory on the crown of your head, and you never even saw it coming!

This hat is made using the triple-knitting technique, which is a multi-layered method of creating a fabric with (in this case) three separate ayers of knitted fabric. The resulting hat is extremely warm, squishy, smooshy, and cosy, and still has all the stretch and flexibility that you would want a kntted hat to have—unlike the stiff and unyielding fabric that is created with other colourwork techniques like, for example, stranded knitting.

The pattern is 100% comprehensive, and the 17 pages of the pattern document contain detailed, step-by-step instructions and photo tutorials for every technique required to make your very own Triple Jack pattern, as well as links and scannable QR codes leading to exclusively shot video tutorials, so there really is no nedd to worry about not knowing how to do triple-knitting: now you can!

Triple Jack Hat (inside)And because triple-knitting creates a reversible fabric, you can choose which way to wear your Triple Jack hat: perhaps, like mine the outside shows the colours of the flag as you would expect to see them, but turn it inside out, and there you have the flag of the United Kindom with it's colours reversed in an unusua and exciting way.

Or then again, maybe you want to go off piste entirey, and knit your Triple Jack in a colour scheme completely up to you. Whatever you choose, the result will still be iconic and beautiful. You can't fail!

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