Sep 29, 2019

To coincide with my re-emergence after some time away, and to prove I didn't spend my absent weeks totally idle, I've got two brand new double-knitted hat patterns out on Ravelry.

The first is actually a reworking of a scarf pattern that I brought out about 18 months ago, and I created the matching hat to go with the original scarf design. The Slideways Hat uses increases and decreases to skew colours of stitches off to the side in interesting and unusual ways.

The second pattern is even more unusual. My Reinvention Hat patten has two completely different designs, one on the inside, and one on the outside. They have nothing in common except the fact that they use the same two colours! Double-knitting is such an endlessly fascinating and versatile technique anyway, but this really pushes the capabilities of reversible knitting to the limits. And yet, it's nowhere NEAR as difficult to knit it as you might think.

As with all of my DK designs, both hat patterns contain detailed tutorials, and links to instructional videos, giving you all the help you need with the more unusual technique that you may not have tried before. I assume no prior knowledge at all, and I'm confident that you could make either of these two stunning hats with no previous DK experience. Everything you need is right there in the pattern. 

Why not challenge yourself? You might get a pleasant surprise!

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